Crumble in Minecraft

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Here is our dog Crumble

A picture of a cockapoo smiling at the camera

I had the idea of making a homage to him in RTGames Minecraft world server.

I am not the best Minecraft builder however so I spent a lot of time thinking of how I would represent him in the voxel game.

My initial thought was to create a 3D model of him. Pass it through a Voxelizer and then build in on the server.

That idea was going to fail though. Taking a 3D model of an active puppy was near impossible and even then the end result wasn't really what I wanted...

A construction of a cockapoo dog in Minecraft with strange colours

As you can see in the above image it is a very big build but the colours are off and it's doesn't capture him.

NOTE: To do this I used Smoothie-3D to turn a still image into a 3D model of him and Drububu Voxelizer to convert it into Minecraft (and then fixed the colours a bit myself manually with creative mode and World Edit.)

Why was I spending time with this convoluted method when I miss the point completely. I want to have Crumble on the Minecraft server.

So why don't I JUST DO THAT?

So I did, I'm not the best builder but I can try...

And in 2 hours work (including writing this). He is now at the North Pole on RT Game's Minecraft Server :)

A construction of a cockapoo dog in Minecraft A construction of a cockapoo dog in Minecraft in the background with a Christmas tree in the foreground A close up of the cockapoo dog in Minecraft